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How to avoid mistakes for interior painting

One of the common mistakes that home owners make, when painting interior of a house without hiring painters, is either paying too much for the paint or too little, and... read more
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Ideas for quick interior painting fixes

Exterior painting projects are winding down as the colder weather rolls in.  Often times we don't realize the changes that interior paint can make.  Emerald Forest Painting provides project ideas... read more
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Advice on when to paint the interior of your house

Emerald Forest Painting provides tips on prep work for interior paint jobs in Prescott. Interior painting is by far the most popular do-it-yourself home improvement activity, and it's easy to... read more
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Dining room interior painting

It's fall- and you are probably finalizing guest lists for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you want to update your dining room decor with this years festivities, one of the best... read more
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Easy ways to update your home with paint projects

Upgrade your table game with a set of brightly colors chairs. Indoors or outdoors, a seat makeover can transform even the drabbest thrift store find into a work of art.Make... read more
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Is Hiring a Professional Painter Always Necessary?

How to Determine If It’s Better to Hire a Residential Painter than to Do the Job Yourself As a reliable painter, I have to confess that hiring a painting service provider... read more
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Painting Prep Work - How to Do It Right the First Time

A Reputable Painter Explains the Importance of Prep Work in Painting Projects For some people, painting is just another household chore that they think they can mange on their own. However,... read more
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Tips on choosing interior paint types

Paint and natural wood finishes are an effective way to protect and decorate surfaces. Here's what Emerald Forest Painting recommends on how to choose a product, use the right tools... read more
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Tips on interior painting projects for the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, so are your holiday visitors. Is your home company-ready? Emerald Forest Painting of Prescott has tips on how to spruce your home up with a... read more
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What your interior paint colors say about your home

Emerald Forest Painting provides tips interior paint in prescott homes. Look around the rooms in your home and you’ll probably pick up on a theme.  Paint color is an expression of... read more
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The painters from Emerald Forest Painting did a fantastic job in painting my home. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Work was done in a fast and efficient manner, price was right.

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