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How to avoid mistakes for interior painting

One of the common mistakes that home owners make, when painting interior of a house without hiring painters, is either paying too much for the paint or too little, and not spending enough money on quality tools (brushes, roller covers etc).  Emerald Forest painting provides tips on your interior painting projects in Prescott. Avoid these interior painting mistakes in your Prescott homes by contacting Emerald Forest Painting

Price of paint:
When you go to a retail store you will be shown paints that are on expensive side. However, if you buy the paint that is too cheep, it may not cover well. 

Painting brush:
When choosing the brush, no need try to save money here. Cheep brushes are very hard to work with.

Improper Preparation:
Failing to fix mistakes with walls or the house before you paint.

Going without primer:
Primer covers flaws in the surface and gives you a smooth, long-lasting finish. 

Second coat:
Being disappointed after first coat did not come out perfect and thinking something went wrong. First coats are almost never perfect and 95% of all painting jobs will require second coat.

These are just five of the many things that can go wrong with a paint project. The very best way to avoid mistakes it to leave your home's interior and exterior paint jobs to the professionals.  For more information or painting tips contact us at 928-708-0388.



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The painters from Emerald Forest Painting did a fantastic job in painting my home. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Work was done in a fast and efficient manner, price was right.

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