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Dining room interior painting

It's fall- and you are probably finalizing guest lists for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you want to update your dining room decor with this years festivities, one of the best solutions is a fresh coat of paint.  Emerald Forest Painting provides dining room interior painting tips in Prescott.  Emerald Forest Painting is here to provide interior painting in Prescott for the Holidays.

Choose the Best Colors:
The color you choose for your dining room is going to take the center attraction during your holidays.  ere are some examples of colors that we have used before with great results. We would recommend some neutral colors like khaki and beige or gray.  Colors like brown, deep gray and metallic colors. While selecting colors, take the size of your dining area into considerations.

Truffle Brown:
Truffle brown can be the best color for your dining room to set the tone for your holidays. Brown will help in harmonizing the varied wood tones throughout the dining room.

Spicy Orange:
Spicy orange is a caramelized shade that gives a warm look like red and it is a great update.

Elegant Sky Blue:
The elegant and enveloping blue that is tinged with green and black gives a brilliant look to your dining room by setting off the classic white-painted crown molding.

Apple Green:
Use apple green to bring a crisp, energetic appearance in your dining room. Apple green is ideal to highlight ornate stained woodwork and give a merrier and fresher look.

No matter what part of the house you choose to paint, you should always be sure to use the highest possible quality paint. For more information or painting tups contact us at 928-708-0388.



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The painters from Emerald Forest Painting did a fantastic job in painting my home. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family. Work was done in a fast and efficient manner, price was right.

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