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Painting Prep Work - How to Do It Right the First Time

A Reputable Painter Explains the Importance of Prep Work in Painting Projects

For some people, painting is just another household chore that they think they can mange on their own. However, the truth is that painting is not as easy as you may think. Obviously, it all depends on your expectations. If you think that you’ll be pleased with an ordinary paint job, then go ahead and do work yourself. But, if you want to achieve outstanding results, then follow these guidelines.

As a professional painting contractor, I’ve reached the conclusion that the key to professional painting is thorough prep work. Preparation work is a process that involves cleaning, repairing, and preparing a surface for painting.


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it right the first time.

  • Clear the surface. The first thing you need to do is remove everything that is too close or hangs on your wall. This includes furniture, paintings, lighting fixtures, electrical equipment, etc. Pull everything away from the wall so that you’ll have plenty of space for maneuver.
  • Wash down the walls. Since painted surfaces tend to attract dust, you must clean them properly before painting. This will increase the paint’s adherence and ensure a smooth finish.
  • Repair any damage. If your walls have cracks, fissures, or holes, then you must repair them before painting. Be aware that a coat or two of paint will not cover these problems. If you want to achieve professional results, then you need to do some repair work prior to the painting process. Since repair work can be challenging, we suggest you hire a professional painter for the task.
  • Prime the walls. Priming ensures a better adherence and also protects your walls from moisture problems.

If all this seems a bit too complicated for you, then you should contact Emerald Forest Painting. We have many years of experience in the painting business and numerous satisfied clients in Prescott AZ. If you’re looking for a true painting contractor who can help you with your project, then call us at (928) 708-0388.



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