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What your interior paint colors say about your home

Emerald Forest Painting provides tips interior paint in prescott homes.Emerald Forest Painting helps consumers choose interior paint colors that match their personalities in their Prescott Homes.

Look around the rooms in your home and you’ll probably pick up on a theme.  Paint color is an expression of your personality.  Emerald Forest Painting looks to provide some clarification on what your interior paint says about your home in Prescott.

Warm Shades:
Associated with sunshine and roaring fires, yellow and orange (and close cousins peach and pink) have a cheerful, welcoming personality.  Because of their brightness, warm shades appear to spring forward, literally making a room feel more intimate.

Soft Cool:
There are certain universal truths. In studies, people tend to associate pale to medium blues, lavenders, and greens with the sky.  Because mild, cool shades have a lower intensity than warm or bright ones, they are literally easier on the eyes

Jewel Tones:
Colors that seem plucked from the red carpet on Oscar night—ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, topaz.  Like the celebrities who turn heads in those hues, you are probably outgoing, confident and creative.

Marble or granite, gray, brown, beige, and ivory have a feeling of permanence and a crisp, classic look. If this appeals to you, you are probably even-keeled and practical, and not interested in re-painting your rooms every few years.

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